A challenging environment for UK-based companies

Opportunity and Risks in a post-Brexit Europe

Six steps to ensure your business avoids the pains and finds the gains from the Brexit negotiations

Informal talks already underway in Brussels and national capitals and businesses are turning their attention to the future of UK and EU relations sector post Brexit. Whilst on the surface it is business as usual for the next two or three years until Britain formally leaves the EU under Article 50, companies now face a great challenge. Britain’s new relationship with the EU, and indeed the world, needs to be negotiated and the details of that future relationship are likely to be of vital importance to the future success of your company.  You have the opportunity now to help shape it. It’s been made clear to us by senior British Government officials and politicians that business must make its case itself.  Government cannot and will not do this work for you.  If we do not secure a good deal as Brexit occurs, or soon after, Britain  may risk facing the very real prospect of a period of unprecedented legal and market uncertainty.

To be effective, and ensure your business is a priority for consideration in the complex negotiations, we recommend that you give consideration to the following six steps:

Identify which aspects of your business are affected by the EU and which are not. Companies are surrounded by uncertainty – you can at least be certain of your own company right now and where you are exposed to risk.
Ascertain what features a future relationship could have in order to minimise the economic cost and maximise any potentials gains of Brexit, including trade, tariffs, agencies, regulation, funding, research, licensing, certification, and mutual recognition.
Quantify what the economic consequences would be if those features are or are not secured.
Develop the strategy to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.
Forge alliances and building coalitions should be an integral part of that strategy if it is to be effective.
Speak to us. IDA is uniquely well placed, with offices in London, Brussels and Berlin, to help you deliver your strategy and ensure you shape that future relationship.

Some businesses are already active in Brussels and national capitals making the case that they are a priority. Furthermore, other interests have identified a commercial opportunity in marginalising UK-based business are already active too.


How IDA Group can help you navigate Brexit


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Campaigning so your needs are heard above the confusion

Fighting for your company’s needs to be reflected in the new regulatory environment

IDA's Brexit Team

Our Brexit team consists of seasoned political advisors, legal experts and media professionals.

team image
Mark Watts

Mark was a Member of the European Parliament for ten years, and co-founded LP Brussels in 2010, part of IDA Group. He has provided strategic counsel to some of the world’s most well-known companies and organisations. Mark is an expert in EU policy and regulation and has helped major regulators, trade associations, companies and governments navigate the EU to protect their interests, raise their profile, enhance their reputation and extend their influence. Mark’s experience means he has become a respected and authoritative partner to both government and politicians as the new relationship emerges between the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

team image
Stefan Borst

Stefan is one of the co-founders and Partners at IDA Group, and a seasoned expert in strategic communication. A lawyer by training and a journalist by profession, Stefan spent seven years as EU correspondent for FOCUS Magazine in Brussels building a deep and robust network across the German and EU Institutions and within the media. He has spent the last seven years advising clients on corporate diplomacy and representing industry in the BDI. With Germany’s support seen as the key for the UK getting a deal, Stefan now offers clients a perspective from the other side of the table during the Brexit negotiations.

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Oliver Kaye

Oliver co-founded LP Brussels in 2010, part of IDA Group. As a Partner, Oliver brings over a decade of experience in Brussels, including five years working in the European Parliament heading up Conservative MEP Syed Kamall’s office. An experienced campaigner, he has worked on two European Parliament campaigns, a UK Parliament campaign, a London mayoral election and local council campaigns. Oliver believes that there are opportunities as well as threats from the turmoil following Brexit, and campaigns so that clients’ interests are protected and opportunities are discovered.

team image
Nicholas Finney OBE
Member of the Advisory Council

Described as a veteran Conservative campaigner, Nicholas has a wealth of experience in all areas of Westminster and Whitehall but particularly transport. He ran both the British Ports Federation and the National Association of Port Employers in the 1980s and following his very effective campaign to repeal the Dock Labour Scheme he went on to run the highly successful Transport lobbying organisation called Waterfront, finding time along the way to be a member of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Nicholas puts his vast network at the service of clients who want the inside story on what is happening in the Brexit negotiations in Westminster and Whitehall.

Through our associate company, The Public Affairs Company, based in London and Leads, IDA Group expands its own footprint in the UK and can provide in-depth intelligence from the UK side of negotiations, what their reaction is to EU proposals and what counter proposals may be made. This will better inform the case you want to make to the EU Institutions and the EU27 governments.

IDA's Brexit News

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